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Runaway thinking has the power to stop our momentum and interfere with our life goals. As a confidence expert, trained therapist and coach, Karol shares what triggers runaway thinking and how to manage thoughts that get out of control.  Sharing stores, practical exercises and relaxation techniques, Karol will discuss what triggers runaway thinking and how we can shift our thoughts to feel more in charge.  This session is interactive, practical and uplifting.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CHANGE: A BODY-MIND APPROACH Change is inevitable but there are ways of managing change that can help you feel more empowered. Using psychological insight, and compassion for this process, Karol shares how you can use your mind and heart to make the best decisions possible. Using a variety of interactive exercises, case studies and stress reduction techniques,  Karol takes audiences through the stages of change and shows them what they can do to stay true to themselves.  

Inside Out-How Core Beliefs Affect Our Life Goals

This is an introspective and interactive discussion that focuses on how our inner core beliefs affect our leadership abilities and impact the decisions we make when creating personal or professional goals. Using a facilitative approach, the presentation will:

  • Define core beliefs
  • Help you identify hidden core beliefs
  • Teach participants how to diffuse negative core beliefs
  • Show you how to create realistic goals

Karol Ward, LCSW
Confidence Expert

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