Body-Mind Believers

I had a wonderful year end dinner the other night with a special group of women. During the year, we meet on a regular basis to offer support and encouragement both persoanlly and professionaly. We share of variety of interests and a singular belief in the importance of the body-mind connection.

Over our dinner we had an impassioned discussion about the the lack of information that is presented to public around weight and body image issues. Each of us in our practices, a registered dietician specializing in eating disorders, a holistic counselor who uses nutrition to heal chronic health issues, a movement specialist who uses body awareness to help women reclaim their bodies and myself, a therapist specializing in the body-mind connection all have witnessed the pain our clients go through when they are disconnected from their emotional selves. We understand the pain and punishment women go through when they put themselves on another diet or exercise program that inevitably fails.

Our unified goal is to help people make the important connection that there is no avoidance of feeling when you are trying to heal your physial state. I know personally that making the body an ally instead of an enemy is one of the most powerful ways you can change your emotional state. My group of friends and colleagues are determined to get that message out to the world by helping our clients heal. Through teaching, speaking and writing we will continue to offer information and hope to those who are looking for a different way.

We are body-mind believers.

Oprah’s Pain-What lies beneath?

Oprah has publicly shared her recent weight gain along with her feelings of embarrassment and anger towards herself. Her public acknowledgement is that she did not make herself a priority or include herself on her to do list.

I hope that Oprah takes the time to understand what lies beneath the weight gain. Besides healthy food choices and exercise, when we gain substantial amounts of weight, it is mainly because of emotional pain. As long as there  are no known medical problems,  gaining weight  has to do with the management of feelings.  Anger and embarrassment might be the surface responses and they certainly are legitimate to feel.

But what lies beneath the weight gain?  What does the weight represent emotionally?

In my experience as a therapist, an inside out approach to weight management is the only way to heal  the yo yo weight gain/loss cycle. Discovering what is eating you and then making choices to work through the emotional stuckness is what will allows you to take the actions you need.

My message to Oprah and anyone else struggling with weight issues is, before you take on another diet or exercise plan, get a take on your life. Take the time to understand, and accept what is out of balance and then with great compassion, ask yourself what it is you need to provide the best self-care in mind, body, and spirit. That is the only way to heal what lies beneath.