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"I reached out to Karol when I was at a career crossroads and I needed fresh perspective. Karol combines the sensitivity of a therapist with the strategic mind of an entrepreneur with the creativity of an artist. Her voice alone puts your mind at ease. Her lines of inquiry allowed for deep exploration of the real issues and planted the seeds for how best to change my work and my business".
Hope J. Lafferty
Chief Communicator | Writer | Facilitator


Being in business for yourself combines passion and hard work. It also takes drive and consistency to make it happen. Once you have something to offer, creating opportunities for your brand to be noticed by others, is the key to being successful.  

In this business visibility workshop, you will discover the tips you need to attract more clients and raise awareness around what you have to offer. Learn the power of creating a simple but effective presentation; the importance of customizing your business message and why in-person networking is crucial. 

In this interactive workshop, session you will::

  • Find where to look for speaking, writing, and media opportunities
  • Discover the needs of your clients 
  • Understand the importance of customizing your business presentations and messaging
  • Practice the power of networking 101

This interactive workshop will help you create a plan of action filled with the steps you need to become visible.  

Karol Ward, LCSW
Confidence-Building Coach

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