Claim Your Confidence

Karol Ward, LCSW

Imagine having the confidence you need to to become a successful leader.  

Create more career visibility and professional opportunity in this insightful and proactive guide to confident leadership. 

  • Cultivating Confidence Creates More Professional Opportunities 


  • Cultivating Confidence Creates More Professional Opportunities 

Inner Confidence Presentation

Having confidence impacts the decisions you make when you are creating personal and professional goals.  But if you feel that there is a doubt inside, a sense an insecurity about who you are or the skills you want to offer, you may be struggling with a lack of confidence.

This lack of self-assurance can keep you from communicating the way you want to, finishing the projects you have started or building the kind of business success you long for.

Find Your Inner Confidence is an interactive workshop that focuses on how our inner core beliefs affect our confidence, relationships and leadership abilities. Using facilitation and discussion, Karol will show you what you need to build your confidence.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • Why confidence is important for professional success
  • What diminishes and adds to inner confidence
  • How to build your inner confidence
  • What you need to maintain your confidence

In this supportive environment, participants will practice confidence building skills and create a confidence boosting action plan that fits who they are.

The Find Your Inner Confidence presentation is available both live and through virtual platforms.

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