Claim Your Confidence

Karol Ward, LCSW

Imagine having the confidence you need to to become a successful leader.  

Create more career visibility and professional opportunity in this insightful and proactive guide to confident leadership. 

  • Cultivating Confidence Creates More Professional Opportunities 


  • Cultivating Confidence Creates More Professional Opportunities 

Virtual Presentations

Virtual presentations allow individuals, companies and organizations to access information in the areas of personal and professional development. The ability to reach a great many participants, without a limitation on location, allows for a greater number of people to benefit.

Personal Development 

Worried Sick©

Do you often feel overwhelmed with worry over your job, finances or personal life? This presentation explores how and why worry occurs and what to do when you feel off balance, worried and anxious during times of high stress. This interactive presentation will help you:

  • Learn to recognize the impact of worry in your life
  • Understand the difference between chronic and situational worry
  • Identify the physical, mental and behavioral symptoms of worry
  • Learn techniques to reduce and manage your worry
Inside Out-How Core Beliefs Affect Our Life Goals©

This is an introspective and interactive discussion that focuses on how our inner core beliefs affect our leadership abilities and impact the decisions we make when creating personal or professional goals. Using an interactive approach, the presentation will:

  • Define core beliefs
  • Help you identify hidden core beliefs
  • Teach participants how to diffuse negative core beliefs
  • Show you how to create realistic goals
Find Your Inner Voice©

Learn how connect your instinct and intellect when making important personal and professional decisions. This dynamic presentation based on Karol's book, Find Your Inner Voice: Using Instinct & Intuition Through the Body-Mind Connection, discusses:

  • How and why we disconnect from our bodies
  • How to wake up the body-mind connection
  • Five strategies to connect our instinct and intellect
Straight Talk in Personal Relationships©

Want to stay connected to the people you love. Learn how to create and maintain good communication habits. This presentation helps you:

  • Identifying the hidden triggers of conflict
  • Exploring techniques for resolution
  • Examining the steps toward better communication
  • Discover your own communication style and methods of navigating conversations

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