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Executive Coaching

"Karol has coached several members of our executive team at Bauer Xcel Media in the areas of leadership confidence, interpersonal communication skills and presentation skills.. She has a unique and impactful approach to her coaching. With deep psychological training, Karol is able to perceive what is going on beneath the surface of the issues and conflicts at hand. She’s incredibly skilled at helping move the people she coaches from problem to solution-oriented thinking very quickly. The results are impressive, and meetings with Karol always result in increased clarity, productivity and empowerment. I could not recommend her more as a coach".
Allison Mezzafonte
Executive Vice President
Bauer Xcel Media

Executive Coaching provides valuable leadership, communication and concrete goal setting skills to help create professional presence in the workplace. Knowing how to communicate ideas and formulate achievable strategies helps executives lead with more confidence and impact. With her degree in psychology and communication, Karol is able to support individuals who want to make an authentic and professional impression. 

Executive coaching is designed make better leaders, managers, business owners and team members.

  • Learn to communicate with confidence 
  • Sharpen listening and critical thinking skills
  • Master tips to on delegation and facilitation in professional settings
  • Set concrete and measurable professional goals

The best clients for executive coaching are motivated, open to feedback and willing to practice interactive exercises.
Executive Coaching can be done in person, on-site or via Skype or Zoom.

"It’s not often that you come across the just right solution at the exact moment of need. I found that solution with Karol as a career coach and confidence guide during a pivotal professional transition. Her deep insights and unique tools helped guide me through the unknown to a place where I was able to meet new challenges with clarity, calm and of course, confidence!"
John Gunn
Vice President/Principle

Karol Ward, LCSW
Confidence Expert

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