Karol Ward, LCSW

Imagine having the confidence you need to to become a successful leader.  

Create more career visibility and professional opportunity in this insightful and proactive guide to confident leadership. 

  • Cultivating Confidence Creates More Professional Opportunities 


  • Cultivating Confidence Creates More Professional Opportunities 

What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying

"I met Karol after hearing her speak at a professional organization. I liked her style of communication and her ability to share concepts about confidence. I felt I could work well with her and wanted to improve how I expressed myself in professional settings.  I felt I needed these skills to gain more visibility in my career. I was looking to develop clarity when speaking, writing, and informing my audience on new and current innovations in my department.   

Karol has helped me navigate how to ask for what I want in a powerful yet non-threatening manner. I learned that it’s okay to ask for what you want even if what you are asking for doesn’t happen right way. She helped me develop a list of key communication phrases and exercises that I find very useful. Karol helped me build my confidence and that is something I carry with me daily. I highly recommend her as a coach for high level executives needing confidence and communication tools". 
Jodi Sisley
Senior Merchandise Manager

Karol coached several members of our executive team at Bauer Xcel Media in the areas of leadership confidence, interpersonal communication skills and presentation skills. She has a unique and impactful approach to her coaching due to her deep psychological training. Karol is able to perceive what is going on beneath the surface of the issues and conflicts at hand. She’s incredibly skilled at helping move the people she coaches from problem to solution-oriented thinking very quickly. The results are impressive, and meetings with Karol always result in increased clarity, productivity and empowerment. I could not recommend her more as a coach".
Allison Mezzafonte
Strategic Advisor

"When I began working with Karol, I was employed as an administrator in a non-profit mental health agency with a dream of starting my own private psychotherapy practice. I was overjoyed when I met Karol! After just one session with her I felt empowered and capable of creating a successful practice. In addition to her practical support and guidance, Karol helped me to tune into and clarify my own vision. Karol's background in using body-based methods helped me to appreciate my value and embodied sense of what I wanted to accomplish. Within a year, I developed a full practice and it continues to thrive."
Cara Franchi, LCSW, CASAC

Psychotherapy, Addictions Counseling

"I highly recommend Karol Ward as a presentation coach. Within moments of working with me on a very important speech, Karol was able to pinpoint and adjust my delivery. She not only guided me on how I was speaking but gave me key suggestions on the crafting and structure of my entire presentation. Her warmth, insight and support made a big difference in how I approached and rehearsed my speech. In the end her coaching helped make my presentation a success."
Theresa Boyce, President 
Hodak Value Advisors, LLC

"I was preparing for an important business presentation to a group of senior HR executives. Karol responded to my request for help promptly, and when we met, she listened to my prepared remarks. She then provided insights and very helpful observations about my presentation style. Karol's ability to clarify the message of my presentation made my purpose for giving it much more effective. I was more comfortable and able to communicate with more impact. The resulting presentation was a clear success."
Michael Brenner-Chief Resource 
Brenner Executive Resources, Inc.

"It's not often that I observe my students watching a speaker and taking notes at the same time. What that affirms to me, in me, is that I thought Karol was great, and so did the students. Her presentation, offered all the points that your audience needed.  Karol's manner, humor, and way of relating to the students was very touching. Thank you so very much."
Treva Giambrone-Internships 
FIT-Fashion Institute of Technology

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