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Confidence-Building Coach

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How Couples Navigate Pandemic Money Troubles

The Wall Street Journal

How To Survive Pandemic Money Fights

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The Psychology of Women In Leadership


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WSJ: Your Money Brief Podcast

How Couples Navigate Pandemic Money Troubles

The Wall Street Journal

How To Survive Pandemic Money Fights

Elevate Podcast

recThe Psychology of Women In Leadership

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Private Practice Building

I was introduced to Karol through my husband and the success of his confidence-coaching sessions with her.  I was looking to build my private practice and become a more confident presenter.  

I felt comfortable right away with Karol because she is transparent and genuine.  Karol is process oriented and customizes her approach to what a particular client needs. She shared her knowledge of successful habits, behaviors, and actions that helped me achieve my goals.  She paced the coaching process so that is wasn’t too overwhelming and yet was still challenging.    

Karol’s training as a therapist allowed her to understand my emotional struggles in embracing what was needed to build my business. I achieved my goals through focused discussions on how shifting my beliefs would help me achieving my goals. I now have more clients and my practice has grown 50 percent. If you are looking to grow your private practice, and feel more confident doing so, I believe Karol will get you there.
Lisa Taubenblat, LCSW
Couples & Family Therapist

 Private Practice Building

You are passionate about helping people and providing quality services.  But, the idea of building a thriving practice, with people who appreciate, and can afford your services, seems daunting.

Maybe you are a therapist, coach, or entrepreneur with loads of enthusiasm but no clear plan. Perhaps you have an established business but want to increase your number of clients. Or maybe you are a seasoned professional who wants to expand or change the services you offer. No matter what the scenario, it is possible to create the kind of business you want and work with the clients you most want to help.

 Areas of coaching include:

  • Creating the business building mindset
  • Defining the why and how goals of your business
  • How to raise professional visibility
  • How to get referrals from various sources

The best clients for small business building coaching are those who are motivated and ready for the experience of having a successful practice. Coaching is currently available via virtual platforms.  

"When I began working with Karol, I was employed as an administrator in a non-profit mental health agency with a dream of starting my own private psychotherapy practice. I was overjoyed when I met Karol! After just one session with her I felt empowered and capable of creating a successful practice. In addition to her practical support and guidance, Karol helped me to tune into and clarify my own vision. Karol's background in using body-based methods helped me to appreciate the value in finding my own intuition and embodied sense of what I wanted to accomplish. Within a year, I developed a full practice and it continues to thrive."
Cara Franchi, LCSW, CASAC

Psychotherapy, Addictions Counseling

Karol Ward, LCSW
Confidence-Building Coach

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